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1. How do I go about getting a quote for my required vehicle logistics service?


Just fill out the request form on this site or click here (quote).


2. What is the logistics time frame for my vehicle to be transported?


2-10 days dependent on destination


3.  When do I make payment for my transport service?


Our payment terms are strictly in advance. Payment must be made by either Internet Transfer or Cash Deposit; proof of payment must be emailed to us 24hrs before collection.


4. Can I cancel my booking?


Cancellations must be made in writing and be received by Autogistixs at least 48 hours before agreed collection date. (Email notification is acceptable)

If we are not advised before the 48 hour cancellation period the full quoted price will be charged.


5. Is my vehicle insured whilst in Transit?


Insurance will be optional on your quote, we can offer comprehensive insurance cover for up to R500 000 maximum per vehicle but there will be an addional surcharge to insurance cover,

The insurance cover is subject to an excess of 10% of each claim with a minimum of R 5000 payable by the client.


6. Will Autogistixs document all damages when the vehicle is collected for transportation?


Yes- this will prevent any discrepancies should a new damage appear on the vehicle while it is in the care of Autogistixs, Doing this will ensure that you have peace of mind that you will not be surprised with damages on delivery, and will also assist insurance claims in the unfortunate event of a damage occurring during transport.


7. How safe is vehicle transport?


Thousands of vehicles are transported monthly over long distances, incidents do occur, but the percentage of incidents occurring during the transportation process is very minimal .Drivers are well trained and have years of experience. Your vehicle will be safer on a car carrier than when being driven in traffic over long distances and on bad roads.

Car carrier transport is also the safest mode of vehicle transport available to get your vehicle delivered directly to you.


8. Can I leave any loose items or personal belongings in my vehicle?


We do not allow loose or personal items to be left in a vehicle during transportation apart from the spare tyre, jack set, car manual and baby seat. Under special circumstances, with prior consent from management will we allow for personal items to be left in a vehicle, Items in the vehicles are left at the owners risk; Autogistixs will not take any responsibility for these items as they are not covered by our vehicle Transit insurance.



9. Why is carrier transport better than driving?


If you transport your vehicle you will be spending a large amount of money at one time. If you decide to drive your vehicle, however, you are spending money on flue, tolls and breakages. If you are driving a long distance you will have a huge amount of wear and tear on the vehicle. There is always the risk of you being involved in an accident. Sometimes driving can be discomforting, tiring and stressful because you may be driving for long hours on unfamiliar or bad roads. Extra money may be spent on accommodations along the way. Carrier transport can be planned according to your needs, budget and time.



If you did not find the question you want to ask please email us on and we will supply answers to your questions.